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speed dating tips

look great

Of course your personality matters, but truth be told, you’ve only got a few minutes to make an impression. Dress well and make sure your putting your best foot forward.


So easy. Even if you aren’t that excited about the mini date you are on, you may be being scooped out by the next date over!

watch your body language

Sit up straight! Crossing your arms and tapping your pen will make you appear annoyed and on guard. Lean in, smile and keep your body facing your date. Ask a friend if you have any nervous ticks (like fiddling with your pen, tapping your foot, etc) and you’ll be aware of things to watch out for.

don’t drink too much

You’ll want to stay focused and alert and not give off the idea that you are a bar fly. You know what happens when you drink to much at a speed dating event? You check yes to everyone and no one checks yes to you.

conversations are two sided

Don’t ask the cliché questions. Do ask open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer. When being asked questions, make sure to turn the question back around.

focus on the other person

This is probably one of the most important speed dating tips. Focus the conversation on learning more about the person you’re sitting across from than on advertising yourself. Everyone enjoys talking about things they’re passionate about. Find out what the person’s passion is, and ask questions that will draw them out.

follow up without pressure

At the end of the evening or a few days later, you’ll receive contact information for people you expressed an interest in who felt the same way. Send a short, friendly email to let them know you enjoyed meeting them and thanking them. Don’t send a novel and don’t pester them if they don’t answer within a few hours or even the same day. The person may be genuinely interested, but very busy, so give them a few days to respond.

have fun!

Don’t make each speed date a test or challenge. Simply look at it as an opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and make some new friends. If you do these simple speed dating tips, you’ll find yourself enjoying the evening for its own sake. If a few dates come out of it, they will be a wonderful bonus.

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