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Check out the happy reviews from Mingle Around members regarding past events or matchmaking successes. Don't believe what you read? Take a look at the Meetup.com webpage or Yelp website for real reviews in black and white.

This praise is what we like to call the "Afterglow" and after all the hard work it takes to throw a successful party it's nice to hear and read that YOU had fun! So, thank you to those who posted nice things about us or e-mailed your thoughts to us, it means a lot to us.

Our business model is kind of funny... we find "customers" to turn them into "non-customers." One of our goals is to run out of singles to match up! Crazy, I know. But this makes us happy…very happy!

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“Awesome” - Kristen on Jun 28, 2012.

“I have been to two events and had a good time at both” - Matt B. on Apr 28, 2012.

“This was my first event, and I had a great time. Everyone was very friendly. ” -Christine W. on Feb 15, 2012.

“Can you take me off the list? For a good reason though; I am dating someone I met in December at a Nuts & Bolts party now! ” -Samantha H. on Feb 17, 2012.

“Great and a different experience for a social group” - Marty on Jan 20, 2012.

“I find this group very friendly and sociable. This is my second event and I enjoyed myself. I made a few women friends we will be getting together soon. Can't have too many friends” -Patricia I. on Jan 6, 2012.

"Hi Jill, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that it was great to meet you last night and that I had a wonderful time.
Everyone I met was really nice! I'm looking forward to many more Mingle Around events this year!
- C"
  Via E-mail  1/8/2011

"Thank you so much Jill! I had a wonderful time. Appreciate you organizing this. Thank you to all your wonderful helpers as well." - Karrie 12/10/2010

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