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Nuts & Bolts Singles Party

Mingle Around is the proud owner of Nuts & Bolts™ parties.

As seen on ABC news, a Nuts & Bolts™ party is a unique, slightly sexy and great way to meet upscale, outgoing and attractive singles.  

Join us for the next Mingle Around Nuts & Bolts™ party with 30-80 social singles, appetizers, entertainment after the party, drink specials or complimentary cocktails, fun raffle prizes including cash and random surprises through out the night.

Men will receive a bolt and girls will receive a nut. Mix and Mingle with each other trying to find a matching pair. Don't get "screwed"! You'll find on average seven matches for your hardware throughout the night, with many of our singles matching over fifteen times! That's a lot of raffle tickets...

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Nuts & Bolts™ Party Directions:

1. Choose your hardware.

Women will choose a nut.

Men will choose a bolt.


2. Find a nut or a bolt that fits.

Get out there and Mingle with every single in the room that you’re attracted to. Remember, it’s totally appropriate to ask to see if their bolt. ;)

3. Mingle

Mingle with the owner of the hardware you’re trying to fit. Just because the bolt doesn’t fit the nut, doesn’t mean the two of you don’t have a connection! Continue searching for the perfect fit.

4. Exchange

Congratulations! You found your matching hardware! Return the matched hardware and receive a new set along with a raffle ticket. Remember, you're playing for cash, gift cards and other fun prizes, but the real prize is meeting tons of potential matches.

5. Continue

Raffle prizes will be drawn at the end of the evening.


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